Question:  The Mediterranean Diet includes eating several servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  How do I make it more exciting to eating fruit? Fruit is a main staple of the Mediterranean Diet and often served as a dessert.  It’s encouraged to eat whole fruit rather than drinking fruit juice because eating the entire fruit provides much needed fiber. Fast and easy ideas for increasing more fruit in your daily menu:

  • Frozen grapes: Buy, Wash, & Freeze whole grapes.  Use frozen grapes for making cooling water, adding to smoothies, or as a fun throat lozenge.
  • Frozen banana: Buy, Peel, & Freeze. Place the frozen but slightly thawed banana(s) into a food processor with a S-blade.  Pulse the banana until it turns into a creamy 1 ingredient ice cream consistency.
  • Feature a new fruit each week: try a fruit from the grocery store that you’ve never tried before or better yet didn’t like when you were a child. Our taste buds mature and what wasn’t your favorite in your younger years you may enjoy now!
  • Wash and place the fruit that doesn’t require refrigeration in a bowl out on the counter for easy access.

Note that for those with swallowing challenges some of the above ideas may not be suitable for your specific situation.  Contact us to discuss your individual needs when you have a question.