Meal planning and eating can be simple and straightforward. Unless for medical purposes, following eating plans that direct “eat this but not that” are often complicated and challenging to sustain in the long term. A healthy eating plan includes:

  • Eating a variety of vegetables
  • Eating whole fruit
  • Eating whole grains such as pasta, cereals, bread, and other grain products
  • Eating non-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Eating a variety of protein-rich foods, including seafood, plant-based proteins, eggs, legumes/beans, nuts, seeds, lean red meats, and poultry.

One eating pattern that integrates this plan is the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet builds a lifestyle around social, healthy eating. This lifestyle has been medically studied countless times since the original research was published in the 1960s based on data from the Seven Countries Study. In 1993, Oldways in partnership with the Harvard School of Public Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) created the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. This pyramid continues to provide a terrific visualization of the healthy eating plan.

Following the Mediterranean Diet doesn’t necessarily require you to make exotic dishes from the Mediterranean regions. It is a guide to eating healthy, well-balanced meals.

Food Connection Nutrition LLC can guide you through your nutrition journey. We will factor in your specific requirements, either symptom-based or medically diagnosed, and empower you to make healthy, evidenced-based nutritional choices. I look forward to working with you.